We want only the best for your students. Rosati ice has been serving the K-12 community for over 25 years. Our school ice cups have evolved with families' healthier eating habits and more stringent nutritional guidelines and regulations. Rosati Ice seasonal cups are Smart Snack approved, count as 1/2 cup fruit serving and are made with 100% natural fruit juice. All flavors are fat free, dairy free & major allergen free. Over 100 years of smiles!

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Moms and Dads want the best for their family. Young professionals want and expect high quality taste and good value for anything they buy. Create a party anytime and be satisfied with every taste of our clearly unique Rosati Italian Ice. Look for the colorful foil lids on our 10 oz cups and our colorfully designed two quart party pails at select store locations. Why clear packaging? Because what you see is what you get. No surprises. We understand you are concerned about safe packaging, excellent quality and value. We've been a part of family memories since 1912.

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Did you know Rosati Ice comes in a variety of flavors and diverse packaging options for retail customers, wholesale distributors and school nutritional directors? Try our unique En Espanol collection of flavored ices and special seasonal cups served in school lunch programs across the USA. We have products to please everyone.

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In the News

June 1, 2017

With the calendar reading June, you might imagine this is the start of the big season for Rosati Ice, which has been making water ice since 1912. Actually, fall and winter are far busier at the modest brick factory tucked into a largely residential Delaware County neighborhood since the mid-’50s.

Source: The Philadelphia Inquirer
March 2, 2018

Rosati Ice, based in Clifton Heights and the oldest Italian ice manufacturer in America, is the fastest-growing school lunch dessert across the U.S.

Source: pivot.today
March 22, 2019

A Delaware County business icon “sprang” back to life this week. Yes, they threw open the windows at Rosati’s Water Ice – for the 107th year.

Source: Delco Times
July 23, 2019

Rosati has been making its water ice for more than 100 years and they’ve been ‘Makin’ it in Philly’ from the start.

Source: 6 ABC Action News

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