Cup Planner FAQ's

Am I limited to only the cups highlighted on the calendar?

No. You can select any day, and choose whichever cup you would like to use. The days that we have listed as suggestions, are there for ideas/inspiration. Eg. If you have Mandarin chicken on the menu every Wednesday, and want to use our Good Fortune cup for this, just click on the Wednesday you want and choose that cup!

When I submit my pre-order, will I still need to place an order directly with my distributor?

Yes. This is a planning tool, so you will either need to enter the order yourself, or ask your distributor rep to enter them for you.

What happens after I hit submit?

You will receive an email at the address that you provided. The email will list all of the dates that you have selected, along with the case counts for the item that you chose for that day. There is an optional step to select a "desired delivery date". This information will be included in the confirmation as well.

Am I able to save my progress and finish it later?

Yes! Next to the "Review and Submit" button, there is an option to "Save". If you click this, it will generate a 4 digit code. This code can later be used by typing it into the "Load a Planner" section on the right side of the page. This also allows you to share this code with other team members, who can collaborate with you on it!

Pre-order Details

Your pre-order is currently empty. Please use the calendar to add items.

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