One Time Purchase (24 cups, 10 oz)


Customize your Rosati Ice Box below by clicking the number of cups you want of each flavor. For memberships, each month you will receive an email inviting you to login and update the contents of your Rosati Ice Box for that month. If we do not receive your customized Rosati Ice Box selections by the Friday before the ship date, we will automatically send you equal amounts of each of the Rosati ice Flavors for that month. This box will contain a sampling of all the flavors offered for that month.

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No Added Sugar
100% Frozen Fruit Juice
98 Calories Per Cup
Naturally Colored

SKU: 0-77222-90000-5-1 Category:
  • 10 oz. Cherry

  • 10 oz. Mango

  • 10 oz. Chocolate

  • 10 oz. Watermelon

  • 10 oz. Tropical Rainbow

  • 10 oz. Lemon

  • 10 oz. American Hero

  • 10 oz. Root Beer

  • 10 oz. Lemon Lime

  • 10 oz. Cry Baby Apple

  • 10 oz. Cotton Candy / Blue Raspberry

  • 10 oz. Patriot Ice

    Cherry / Lemon / Blue Raspberry

  • 10 oz. Cinnamon Chocolate

  • 10 oz. Coconut

  • 10 oz. Horchata

  • 10 oz. Mangoñeada

  • 10 oz. Piña Pineapple

  • 10 oz. Sugar FreeZ Mango

  • 10 oz. Sugar FreeZ Lemon

  • 10 oz. Sugar FreeZ Cherry

  • 10 oz. Tamarindo

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