Celebrating Mom’s Changes

By Emily Trotter Willouer

Posted May 5th, 2021

Hi! My name is Emily. As many of you can relate, I have many roles, but the most important role is being “Mom”. I received this title 10 years ago. TEN whole years in this role, and I still can’t believe I’ve been so blessed.  There have been many changes over the last decade. Not only have my kiddos grown into and out of a variety of stages, but my parenting style has changed, as well.

I often go down a proverbial rabbit hole skimming through my camera roll, scrolling through so many “snapshots” of the big and little moments I’ve had with my young family. There are obvious changes: a move, haircuts, baby to toddler to kid to preteen children’s interests, and TEETH (how can something as simple as teeth age a child instantly)?! My kiddos are always the major focus my camera points to every time. I have caught so many of THEIR changes, but what about mine (and yours)?

I had my first three babies within three years. Whew! So much change and it happened quickly. I remember being at the park after pre-school one day and I watched as a little boy, the same age as my oldest, splashed in the puddle at the bottom of a slide. This young child was the definition of pure joy. In this early stage of motherhood, I was not a big fan of messy play. I preferred dressing the kiddos in matching outfits. I was not interested in Pinning about how to remove mud stains out of a bougie baby headband. As I watched this boy happily play, my thinking was immediately transformed. Not only did I want my children to be filled with this much joy and laughter, but I also hoped they could forevermore find happiness in something as simple as a puddle.

When I go through my camera roll, I recognize MY change. I celebrate MY change. There are fewer staged pictures with crisp clothing and many more pictures of my kids looking sweaty, dirty, and rosy-cheeked. This has been one of my favorite stages of Motherhood. Letting go of neat and tidy, and embracing the mess! Now I find myself praising my children saying, “there’s nothing I love more than seeing you sweaty messy”. They giggle at me.  It doesn’t hurt that this level of play usually yields sleepy children, too! The only thing that can make all of us happier in these messy moments is rewarding them with a cup of Rosati Italian ice. Picture your own family; worn out kiddos, sitting in their playhouse in the backyard while scarfing down Philadelphia’s iconic frozen treat. It’s dairy-free, nut-free, and gluten-free so allergies are never a worry for us moms.

Reminding all Moms and Dads:  The days are long, but the years are short. This Mother’s Day weekend, have your kiddies’ scoot over close to you in that messy moment. Enjoy the family hugs and treat one and all to some Rosati Italian Ice to celebrate all the ways you have grown in your beloved role. Oh! And don’t forget to snap a photo. In 10 years (and probably before then), this memory will give you a warm, fuzzy feeling and make you smile…kind of like Rosati Ice. Over 100 years of smiles! 😉

Happy Mother’s Day! 

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